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Venstar Thermostats

Venstar Thermostats

Venstar Inc. designs and produces high technology HVAC, lighting, and refrigeration controls. These are sold into the commercial and residential markets, for both new installations and retrofits. Venstar's headquarters and primary design center is based in Chatsworth, California. Additional engineering centers are located in Oregon, Colorado, and Taipei.

Venstar Residential Thermostats

Venstar ColorTouch T5900


T7800, T7850, T7900

Venstar SlimLine

Venstar Slimline

T1700, T1800, T1900

Venstar FlatStat

Venstar FlatStat

T1000FS, T1100FS

Venstar Wireless

Venstar Wireless

T1100RF, T1100REC

Venstar Star

Small Footprint

T1010, T1050

Venstar Fan Coil Thermostat

Fan Coil Stat

T1070, T1075


Slimline Specialty



Venstar Commercial Thermostats

Venstar ColorTouch

Venstar ColorTouch™

T8800, T8850, T8900

Venstar Slimline Commercial

Venstar Slimline

T2700, T2800, T2900

Venstar FlatStat Commercial

Venstar FlatStat


Venstar GuestStat Commercial

Venstar GuestStat


Venstar Fan Coil Series

Fan Coil Series

T1070, T1075

Venstar SchoolStat Specialty

SchoolStat Specialty