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Venstar Colortouch

Venstar ColorTouch Thermostat

ColorTouch™ is a multi-functional, simple-to-use, richly featured, programmable touch screen thermostat that thinks it's a digital picture frame. ColorTouch has customizable backgrounds, including the users' own photos, and more than a dozen preset themes, including holiday themes.
Venstar Skyport Connect

Venstar ColorTouch™ T5900 Thermostat Features

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  • For use with gas/electric, heat pump and electric units up to 4-stages of heat, 2-stage cool
  • 7-day programmable, 5/2, 1-day or non-programmable with up to 4 time periods per day
  • Full color touchscreen with customizable wallpaper and screen savers
  • Simple stat mode for very easy operation
  • Customizable service alerts that can display dealers' name, full color logo and phone number
  • High resolution touchscreen display with 4.3" diagonally viewing area
  • Humidification setpoint of 0% ~ 60% on AUX contact
  • Dehumidification setpoint of 25% ~ 99% on AUX contact with selectable reheat feature
  • Cool to Dehumidify with selectable 0 ~ 20F overshoot
  • Automatic daylight savings operation
  • Energy Watch keeps track of energy use by tracking heating, cooling and auxiliary heat hours
  • Free cooling option controls outside air damper based on optional outdoor air temperature sensor
  • Dual fuel control with adjustable outdoor balance point temperature range from 5F ~ 60F
  • Heating and cooling setpoint limiting with adjustable dead bands and timers
  • Programmable Fan can be set from 0 ~ 60 minutes each hour with programmable start and stop times
  • Optional auxiliary heat lockout based on outdoor temperature
  • All programming and setpoints stored in non-volatile memory and are never lost in power failure
  • Diagnostic testing mode for technicians to exercise all outputs at installation
  • Emergency Heat switch when set in heat pump mode
  • Display supports English, Spanish and French languages
  • Service filter and service UV lamp indicators
  • Accepts standard SD card (not included) to upload photos, settings and dealer logo
  • Accepts optional outdoor air temperature sensor part number ACC-TSEN
  • Accepts optional wall plate part number ACC-WPLWH
  • Optional colored face plates part ACCFP1(_ _) available in black (BL), silver (SL) or burl wood (BW)
Venstar Skyport Connect

Skyport™ Connected Comfort

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  • Monitor thermostat information, including system run time and current usage
  • View incoming alerts based on pre-configured notifications, such as important updates on the health of the system or simply if the home's inside temperature has gone above or below pre-set limits
  • View a pictorial display of the current weather and weather forecast for all thermostat locations
  • Send text messages from the mobile device to thermostat display, such as reminders and notes to family members.
  • Receive vital updates from their HVAC professionals on the health of their systems right on thermostat display.
  • Compatible with Apple iPhone°, iPod Touch°, iPad°, Blackberry°, Android°, Mac and PC devices