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Source 1 Comfort Call

LX Series Comfort Call

Comfort Call allows you to talk to your LX Series thermostat over any phone. Comfort Call module hooks up to an existing phone line and communicates to your thermostat using wireless RF signals allowing you to remotely control your thermostat from any remote location

Source 1 Comfort Call - S1-LXCC

Comfort Call lets you adjust thermostat settings before you get there. What could be more convenient? Whether your customer is heading for home or a vacation home, a quick call to Comfort Call allows them to change settings on their LX Series thermostat, quickly and easily.

Comfort Call allows you to call and 'talk' to your compatible thermostat. Monitoring and controlling your thermostat is now simple and easy from any phone, from anywhere.

Comfort Call employs the latest in voice recognition and synthesis technology. It can tell you the indoor temperature of your home. Furthermore, it can also tell you the current outdoor temperature with the optional wireless outdoor temperature sensor.

The auxiliary output of thermostat may be connected to a 24V control module, such as a X-10 Powerflash Interface, model PF284. This will give you the ability to control items such as lamps, wall switches, jacuzzis, appliances, hot water heaters, security systems, etc. in your home with minimal installation.

  • 10 minute installation
  • Wireless RF Module
  • Voice recognition or touch-tone entry
  • Base Station connects to existing phone line
  • Comfort Call base station does not have to be in the same room as thermostat
  • Easy configuration
  • Call to set temperatures from any phone
  • Announces indoor & outdoor temperatures (when used with an outdoor temperature sensor)
  • Announces indoor humidity with compatible LX Series thermostat
  • Can control 1 auxiliary output on some LX Series thermostats
  • Does not interfere with existing phones, faxes, or answering machines
  • Requires the LX RF Wireless Module

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